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Spectrum Related Activities

The Future of Television Broadcasting Spectrum
RadComms Conference – 10 September 2014
Speech by Julie Flynn, CEO, Free TV Australia 

Innovation within the television broadcasting sector and future directionsfor broadcast spectrum policy in Australia
RadComms Conference – 10 September 2014 

Preserve the Spectrum for Future Broadcasting
“Access to information is a basic right of all citizens of the world. At a time we are
working hard to make sure there is no digital divide, digital access should not create
an information divide by having barriers to access information”. Dr Amal
Punchihewa, Director Technology of ABU. 

Lobbying for Preservation of Spectrum for Future Broadcasting
APB Magazine, September 2014

Act now to protect spectrum @WRC-15 
APB Magazine, April 2014

Preserve spectrum for future TV services 

APB Magazine, March 2014

Spectrum Issues

ABU Technical Review, Q1 2014

Govts must ensure spectrum for PSBs
APB Magazine, December 2012