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Study Topic Areas

  • Study Topics and Projects 

The activities within the Topic Areas are supervised by Topic Chairmen appointed by the Technical Committee. The Topic Chairmen automatically become members of the Bureau in an ex-officio capacity. The tasks under each Topic Area have been divided into specific projects and each project is led by a Project Manager. The Project Managers act as Rapporteurs and seek input from experts within the ABU membership and if necessary, from outside.

Topic Area Production



Kazim Pektaz, 


Is responsible for studies related to Production and consists of the following projects:

1. Radio & Television Archiving including Metadata for international programme exchange
Project Manager. Dr Masanori Sano, NHK-Japan
Co-Project Managers  Ms Fikriye Berker, TRT-Turkey, Dr Byunghee Jung, KBS-Korea, Mr Wang Yin, Mediacorp-Singapore, Mr Gary Kum, TVB-Hong Kong, Mr Manoj Gupta, DDI-India, Mr R P Joshi, AIR-India

2. Ultra High Definition TV
Project Manager  Mr Yoshiro Takiguchi, NHK-Japan
Co-Project Manager  Mr Byung Sun KIM, KBS-Korea, 
Mr Halil Us, TRT-Turkey

3. Systems for people with special needs
Project Manager. Mr Shuichi Umeda, NHK-Japan
Co-Project Manager  Mr Özgür Coşar, TRT-Turkey, 
Mr Teyfik Arslan, TRT-Turkey

4. IT -based Production System and file-based workflows
Project Manager. Mr Okan Salman, TRT
Co-Project Manager  Mr Daeyang Kim, KBS-Korea, Mr Türkay Okan Salman, TRT-Turkey, Mr Gökhan Tikit, TRT-Turkey, Mr Nguyen Duc Tue, VTV-Vietnam, Mr Shinya Takeuchi, NHK-Japan, Mr P S Srivastava, DDI-India, Mr Pradeep Mehra, DDI-India, Mr Alireza Abedin, IRIB-Iran

Topic Area Transmission

Chairman Mr Kenichi MURAYAMA, NHK-Japan

Is responsible for studies related to Transmission and consists of the following projects:



1. Frequency Planning for Digital Broadcasting
Project Manager Mr Masaru Mitani, NHK-Japan
Co-Project Manager. Mr Yuen Man, TVB-Hong Kong, Mr Rajeev Kumar, DDI-India

2. Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting
Project Manager Mr Masahiro Okano, NHK-Japan

Co-Project Manager:  Mr Il-soo Kyung, KBS-KoreaMr Chen Delin, ABS/RTPRC- China, Mr Halil Us, TRT-Turkey, Mr  Özgür Cosar, TRT-Turkey, Mr M S Duhan, DDI-India

3. Integrated Broadcast-Broadband and OTT
Project Manager Mr Shinya Takeuchi, NHK-Japan
Co-Project Manager. Dr Go Ohtake, NHK-Japan, Mr A. K. Mangalgi-DDI-India

  Topic Area Capacity Building

Chairman Mr Tharaka Mohotty, MTV-Sri Lanka

Is responsible for studies related to capacity building which consists of the following projects:

1. Frequency Planning for Digital Broadcasting
Contributors Mr Lasantha Samaranayake, EAP-Sri Lanka, Mr Dhruba Nanda, DDI-India

2. Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting
Contributors Mr Lasantha Samaranayake, EAP-Sri Lanka, Mr I. I. George, DDI-India

3. Integrated Broadcast-Broadband and OTT 
Project Manager  Mr Frederico A do Rosario, TDM-Macau
Contributors  Mr Alireza Bahadori, IRIB-Iran, Mr P. Das, DDI-India

  Topic Area Spectrum
Chairman Dr Li Leilei RTPRC-China

Is responsible for studies related to Spectrum:
1. to consider possible upgrading of the secondary allocation to the meteorological-satellite service (space-to-Earth) to primary status and a possible primary allocation to the Earth exploration-satellite service (space-to-Earth) in the frequency band 460-470 MHz, in accordance with Resolution 766 

Co-Project Managers:   Mr Zhong Sheng Hong, RTPRC-China

2. to consider possible global or regional harmonized frequency bands, to the maximum extent possible, for the implementation of evolving Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) under existing mobile-service allocations, in accordance with Resolution 237 (WRC-15)

Project Manager:  Dr Li Leilei, RTPRC-China
3. to consider the development of a regulatory framework for non-GSO FSS satellite systems that may operate in the frequency bands 37.5-39.5 GHz (space-to-Earth), 39.5-42.5 GHz (space-to-Earth), 47.2-50.2 GHz (Earth-to-space) and 50.4-51.4 GHz (Earth-to-space), in accordance with ITU-R Resolution 159

Co-Project Managers:   Dr Li Guo Song, RTPRC-China
4. to consider identification of frequency bands for the future development of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT), including possible additional allocations to the mobile service on a primary basis, in accordance with Resolution 238 [COM6/20] (WRC-15)

Co-Project Managers:    Dr Li Guo Song, RTPRC-China
5. to consider an allocation of the frequency band 50-54 MHz to the amateur service in Region 1, in accordance with Resolution 658

Project Manager:    Dr Li Leilei, RTPRC-China
6. to consider the results of studies in accordance with Resolution 557 [COM6/9] (WRC-15), and review, and revise if necessary, the limitations mentioned in Annex 7 to Appendix 30 (Rev.WRC-12), while ensuring the protection of, and without imposing additional constraints on, assignments in the Plan and the List and the future development of the broadcasting-satellite service within the Plan, and existing and planned fixed-satellite service networks;

Co-Project Managers:   Dr Li Guo Song, RTPRC-China
7. to consider possible changes, and other options, in response to Resolution 86 (Rev. Marrakesh, 2002) of the Plenipotentiary Conference, an advance publication, coordination, notification and recording procedures for frequency assignments pertaining to satellite networks, in accordance with Resolution 86 (Rev.WRC-07), in order to facilitate rational, efficient and economical use of radio frequencies and any associated orbits, including the geostationary-satellite orbit

Project Manager:  Dr Li Leilei, RTPRC-China
8. Compatibility of International Mobile Telecommunications and broadcasting satellite service (sound) in the frequency band 1452-1492 MHz in Regions 1 and 3

Co-Project Managers:  Dr Li Guo Song, RTPRC-China
9. to recommend to the Council items for inclusion in the agenda for the next WRC, and to give its views on the preliminary agenda for the subsequent conference and on possible agenda items for future conferences, in accordance with Article 7 of the Convention 

 Is responsible for studies related to Broadcasting and Disaster Risk Management

  • Disaster resilient broadcasting (redundant systems)
  • Warning for evacuation in advance of disaster.
  • Informing and updating the public on status and necessary precautions to take.
  • Working with authorities in relief and mitigation efforts after disasters.
  • Providing well-being and relief information.
  • Work closely with all stakeholders in educating the public and building a safe society.

Co-project Managers:
Mr Amit Sharma, DDI-India
Dr Kazuyoshi Shogen, BSAT-Japan, Mr Ozgur Cosar, TRT-Turkey, Mr Walter Welz, Independent Consultant, Mr Russell Isaac-Independent Consultant