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Technical Advisory Service


To assist our members with the solution of specific problems and projects requiring expertise which may not be available to them locally. A suitable expert visits the assistance seeking organization to carry out a study and provide advice. Around eight missions are undertaken each year and 100 such missions have been carried out in the last 10 years.


  1. Assistance is provided only for specific projects for which local expertise is unavailable.
  2. The advisory service is confined only to short-term assistance. Visits by experts to provide assistance generally do not exceed 10 days, exceptionally up to one month.
  3. A provision is made each year in the ABU budget to meet expenses of the Technical Advisory Service. However, the assistance seeking organization are invited to make a small contribution but this is totally voluntary.
  4. Assistance is offered on a first-come-first served basis provided that the proposals for assistance meet these regulations.
  5. The assistance receiving organization is expected to fully participate in preparation of mission program and effectively interact with the visiting expert to derive maximum benefit from the mission.

Proposals for Missions:
Proposals can be sent in to the Technical Department at any time. A clear description of the objectives, in the prescribed form, helps in setting up missions.


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TAS Missions in 2011 :

  • Upgradation and Digitization in Sri Lanka

    The Objectives of the mission were :

    2. Issues and challenges in migrating from analogue to digital transmission from both viewers and broadcasters

    3. Studio and MCR upgrading requirements for HDTV production and future DTTB platform.

    The resource person was Mr Peter Graf from CFI.


  • Workshop on DVB-T and Satellite in Myanmar

    The Objective of the mission was :

    1.To train engineers and operators on DVB-T technology, Satellite broadcasting technology and Conditional access system

    Mr KL Yeung from TVB-HK was the expert.

TAS Missions in 2010 :

  • Upgrading newsroom equipment in Nepal

News room technical layout and equipment were improved.
Mr Dae Kwon Lee from KBS was the resource person

  •  Spectrum Management in Pakistan

           PTV’ s spectrum management has been developed by Mr Aasif Javed from Broadcast Australia.

  •  BTV’ s Migration to Digital 

             The Objective was to have a detailed feasibility study and a suitable plan on migration from the present analog terrestrial
             transmission system to digital terrestrial transmission system.
             The resource person was Mr Peter Graf from CFI.

  •  Training in Solomon Islands

    The objective was to develop spectrum plan (frequency planning and coverage extension) and identify transmitters for purchase.
    Mr Bill Curtis of BC Consulting trained local staff to do maintenance and satellite equipment.

  •  Workshop on DTT Pay Services in Fiji

              The objective was to provide technical assistance in planning the roll out of a DTT Pay Services.
              The expert was Mr Song Zhankai of RTPRC.

  •  HDTV Training in Uzbekistan

              Experience exchange and acquaintance with up-to-date technologies of TV production and transmission was
              the objective.
Mr. Dmitriy Dumarevskiy and Mr. Alexey Shaidurov trained technical staff on SD and HD formats and use of HDTV
              equipment in TV and cinema.

  •  HDTV Workshop in Mongolia

           The objectives were:

  1. To build a master control room based on HD technology.
  2. To broadcast on-air product and signal with high quality and accuracy.
  3. To migrate to HDTV

              Mr KL Yeung was the expert for this workshop.

TAS Missions in 2009 :

  • Workshop on HDTV Program Production in North Korea

             The objective of the program was to introduce to basic theory of HDTV program production facilities
             and international standard, protocol and recommendations.

             To acquire ability for general system design (shoot-editing-payout-archive, SD/HD up-converter
             and down-converter) for HDTV program production in KRT.
             Mr K K Leung from TVB, Hong Kong are the expert in this field.

  • Training on Internet Audio Broadcasting for Bangladesh Betar

             The main objective of this training emphasizes on internet Audio Broadcasting,
             Data link/networking process and overall management for data was the main program on this event.
             Mr Masood Ghaneh from IRIB was the expert on this training session.

  • Frequency Management and Digitization in MNB, Mongolia

              The main objective of this are:

               1. To train on Frequency Management
               2. Preparing   project   document to digital

               The key person for this are Mr Collin Knowles.

  • Library Digitization in Maldives   

              The expert for this workshop was Jae Bog You from KBS Korea

  • Radio Operations at SABA Media Org

             The objectives of the mission was technical support in installing and operation the play out
             systems for SABA Radio channels.

             C. Sethu Raja Jeganathan of Technomedia was the resource person.          

TAS Missions in 2008 :

  • Setting up a Television Channel in Vietnam

    The objective of the mission was to provide assistance in the Technical and Production
    set up for Television Channel in VOV.

             The expert was Mr P S Srivastava of DDI.

  •   Training on Frequency Planning in Thailand

              The main objective of the mission was to develop staff skill on frequency and coverage
              planning for digital radio and television.

              Mr Fahmi from IRIB conducted the training.

  • A Project on File Based Radio Production in Nepal

    The mission was to develop a project proposal for setting-up File-server based Radio Production and Computer
    The resource person was Mrs Nguyen Phaam Hoa Binh.

  • Workshop on Capacity Building and Digital Broadcasting in Mauritius

    The objective of the mission was investing in its employees to keep abreast of the latest techniques in
    digital broadcasting and capacity building.

    Mr Amal Punchihewa was the expert.

  • Training on Surround Sound Program Production in North Korea

    The aim was to have a conception of 5.1 surround sound and make good use of it through  brief explanations about codec theory on 5.1 surround sound program production, 5.1 sound-2.0 stereo exchanger, 5.1 program production equipment, international standard, protocol and recommendations.

The resource person was Mr Chen Chen.

TAS Missions in 2006-2007:

  • Workshop on DTV Terrestrial Broadcasting in TVB-Hong Kong

    In January 2006 James Sinclair of Outsourced Broadcast Networks (on) assisted TVB through a workshop on DTV terrestrial broadcasting. The objectives were: methodology to project DTV signal field strength values especially on roof-top, mainly in urban and suburban areas; analysis and methods to determine the overlapping areas among SFN stations and population prediction in target service areas.

  • Developing a Technical Master Plan for RTVM-Maldives

    In February, Chang-Jin Lee of KBS-Korea, provided consultancy in developing and drawing a five-year Master Plan for technical development in RTVM.

  • Television Lighting in ITN-Sri Lanka

    In March, Masayoshi Kiyooka of NHK-Japan provided training to technical officers and staff in television lighting. He also assisted in improving the standards and needs of the studio lighting.

  • Satellite Earth Station in TV5-Mongolia

    Muhammad Javed Bashir of PTV-Pakistan, visited TV5 to advise on setting up an uplink earth station, provide assistance in skill development of the technical staff on satellite operations and satellite broadcasting. He prepared a project report and cost estimation of the equipment and network. The mission was carried out in March.

  • New TV Center in BBS-Bhutan

    BBS is planning two new studios TV Centres. In April, CK Jain of DDI-India visited Bhutan and helped prepare the system design and technical specification of equipment for the two TV centres.

  • Restoration, Archiving of Audio Library in RNE, Nepal

    Shin Yong-woo of MBC-Korea provided assistance to RNE in designing software and hardware solutions for digital archiving, with indexing functions and integration of computerised radio archive and play out systems. He visited Nepal in July.

  • Modernisation and Computer Aided Broadcasting in BB-Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Betar needed assistance in computer-based sound recording, editing, filing and scheduling, radio automation, Internet broadcasting techniques and maintenance of hard-disk based multi-track digital recording system. Tanpisit Udomwet of NBT-Thailand carried out this mission in August.

  • Maintenance and Measurements in TV Transmitters Staff Skill Development in VTV-Vietnam

    VTV sought assistance in familiarising staff on regular maintenance and measurement of operating parameters in NEC TV transmitters. An expert from KBS-Korea, Jun Sung-sang, provided this assistance in March 2007.

  • Audio File Formats and File Transfer: Upgrading skills and facilities in PBS-Philippines

    Assistance was provided to PBS staff in audio file formats and file transfer technology and in identifying equipment needed for implementation. To carry out the mission, S Muthusami of AIR-India, visited Manila in March-April 2007.

  • Staff development in preservation and management of video archives in RTVM- Maldives

    RTVM required assistance in accessing the situation of video library and providing expertise in laying ground work for setting up digitized video archives. An expert from DDI-India, J K Chandira, provided this assistance in April 2007.

  • Modification of Audio, video and lighting system in Bangladesh TV

    Mr Muhammad Javed Bashir of PTV-Pakistan, provided expert assistance to BTV in the modification of audio, video and lighting system of the auditorium studio of their Dhaka Television Station. He visited Dhaka in June 2007.

  • Consultancy in replacing the existing equipment

    NTV Nepal required consultancy in replacing the existing tape based recording system by suitable central computer based file recording and storage system. Assistance was also sought in non-linear workstation for programme production and live news production and networking of this equipment. To carry out the mission, Tran Nam Trung of VTV-Vietnam visited Kathmandu in May 2007.

  • Proposals under process

    Assistance proposals of Fiji-TV, RNE-Nepal, NBC-Papua New Guinea and PTV-Pakistan. Additionally, proposals by TRT-Turkey, PBC-Pakistan, TV3-Malaysia, AIR-India and MediaCorp Radio-Singapore are at various stages of coordination.