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Technical Committee

       Mr Hamid D Nayeri
Technical Committee Chairman
Dr Kong Bin

Technical Committee

Mr Sunil

Technical Committee

Mr Masashi Kamei

Technical Committee

Mr Kenichi Murayama

Technical Committee
Hon. Vice-Chairman

Mr Hamid Nayeri of IRIB-Iran has been elected the new Chairman of the ABU Technical Bureau and ABU Technical Committee for a new term of two years. 

Mr Nayeri is the Director, International Technical Affairs at IRIB and has been actively involved in ABU activities since 2005.  Mr Nayeri served as Technical Committee Vice-Chairman from 2012 to 2016.

Three new Vice Chairmen have also been elected: Dr Kong Bin of RTPRC-China, Mr Sunil of DD-India and Mr Masashi Kamei of NHK-Japan.  The Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Technical Committee for 2019 is Mr Kenichi Murayama of NHK-Japan.

The 18 members elected to the ABU Technical Bureau are Phoenix TV-Hong Kong, AIR-India, MTV-Sri Lanka, RTPRC-China, EAP-Sri Lanka, TRT-Turkey, TBC-Tonga, TVB-Hong Kong, NHK-Japan, Mediacorp-Singapore, IRIB-Iran, RTM-Malaysia, KBS-Korea, NBT-Thailand, RRI-Indonesia, SBA-Saudi Arabia, DD-India and VTV-Vietnam.

The ABU Technical Committee also confirmed the appointment of Mr Kazim Pektaz of TRT-Turkey as Topic Area Chairman for Production, Mr Kenichi Murayama of NHK-Japan as Topic Area Chairman for Transmission, Mr Tharaka Mohotty as Topic Area Chairman for Capacity Building and Dr Li Leilei of RTPRC-China for the Spectrum Topic Area.

The Technical Committee is headed by a Chairman who is assisted by three Vice Chairmen.
The Chairman is elected from among the Full members of the Technical Committee for two-year terms.
The Vice-Chairmen are also elected for two-year terms.

The Technical Committee meets once every year during the annual meetings preceding the ABU General Assembly.

At these meetings, decisions and recommendations are made based on proposals made by the members. In addition, work programmes are decided for the following year. The meetings also provide a forum for exchange of information on technological developments.

The 2019 Technical Committee Meeting will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 17 November.

RECOMMENDATION 1/2018 Supporting the WBU C-Band Position

RECOMMENDATION 2/2018 Supporting the WBU-TC Recommendations for Core Cyber Security Controls

DECISION 1/2018 Amendment to the Engineering Awards Guidelines 

DECISION 2/2018 New Evaluation Criteria for Technical Review Prizes

Please contact the Director ABU Technology for copies of the above documents.