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The first DRM+ trial in the Asia-Pacific Region takes off

Wednesday 01 Dec 2010

The two-day DRM+ technical trial conducted in Colombo on 29-30 November. The DRM Consortium has joined forces with the ABU, SLBC, Deutsche Welle, and Leibniz University-Hannover to run the trial and showcase it to the broadcasters and the radio industry. One of the SLBC FM transmitters in Colombo was used for the trial.

Extensive measurements were carried out during the trial. At the end of each day, test data was analysed, the results evaluated and discussed by the resource persons and the participants. Based on the results, some first cut conclusions were arrived at in these sessions.

This event was the first DRM+ trial in the Asia-Pacific region.

The primary objective was to verify the parameters of reliability, quality and multifunctional use of the DRM+ system and to train the participants to have sufficient expertise in the area of DRM+ transmission technologies.

The focus of this event was on digital broadcast options for regional and local radio stations. The quality of DRM+ digital broadcast featured at the event.

The tests received huge response from ABU radio broadcasters and others in the radio industry, with about 45 participants, including from India and Indonesia.