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Children’s drama co-production into 7th series

Friday 26 Mar 2010

Children’s drama co-production among ABU members has moved into its seventh series with a meeting of producers and directors from six countries in Kuala Lumpur.

Staff of RTB-Brunei, CCTV-China, NHK-Japan, RTM-Malaysia, RTHK-Hong Kong and LNTV-Laos met from 24 to 26 March to discuss the story telling proposals for their co-production. There were also screenings of the previous production for further improvement.

Two workshops on improving storytelling were held alongside the meeting.

Martin Brossollet, writer and producer of Canal France International, said: “Enhancing storytelling is an emotional experience because a good film is a film of emotional art.

“Scriptwriting is half the work of directing.”

Kazuo Ochi, an Art Director at NHK, talked about how producers could work effectively with art directors while designing the sets according to the production.

He showed a programme on how drama production sets were painstakingly designed and put in place. “On screen, you can’t tell lies.”

On the last day of the event, the participants welcomed incoming Executive Director Takayasu Enokido of NHK to the first meeting of the seventh series.

The second meeting is slated for 12-14 July, in Kuala Lumpur.