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NHK Video Bank – NHK’s archive service’s new name

Sunday 02 Oct 2011
NHK is rebranding its archives service as NHK Video Bank and will launch it this week at MIPCOM.

NHK Video Bank offers direct access to NHK’s vast HD archives. And new facilities will enable online delivery of HD footage.

NHK Video Bank

NHK Video Bank contains over 3,000 clips of the 11 March disaster (content for which there has been huge international demand). It also has a rich lineup of CGIs, footage of wildlife, nature, World Heritage sites, culture, and people, and daily updated news from around the world. Some of the content – including footage of the aftermath of the 11 March disaster – is available in 3D.

NHK Video Bank is the only source for Japanese wartime newsreels produced by Nippon News. It has 264 Nippon News titles, which are fully digitalised, translated, and meta-dated for HD usage.

NHK has been in the archives business for more than 30 years and has partnerships with BBC Motion Gallery and Thought Equity.

Hiroshi Yamamoto, Senior Manager of NHK’s Group Planning and Management Department, said: “There has always been great demand for NHK footage. By launching NHK Video Bank, we’re giving direct access to our vast archive of HD material. And we’ve installed new facilities to enable online HD delivery, so clients will be able to get footage much more easily”.

NHK has about 5 million news items and over 700,000 programmes, shot both in Japan and abroad, from the beginning of the 20th century until today.

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