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Thai government looks to restructure NBT TV

Wednesday 05 Oct 2011
Prime Minister’s Office Minister Krissana Seehalak announced on Tuesday plans to reprogramme the National Broadcasting Service of Thailand’s Channel 11, saying there is a chance that contracts with private news producers will not be extended, the Bangkok Post reports.

Krissana Seehalak

Ms Krissana, who oversees the NBT’s Channel 11, said she assigned newly appointed Public Relations Department Director-General Thirapong Sodasri to oversee Channel 11’s planned rejig.

“There would be more news programme segments in the new schedule but it is highly unlikely there would be contract extensions for private programmes,” she said.

Ms Krissana also said the news programme segments that would soon begin would likely consist of more short bulletins during the prime time news programme and more news talk shows on the government’s policy and work.

Ms Krissana assured that Channel 11’s shows would be unbiased.

However, she said no programmes by the Democrat Party would be allowed on the channel since it has never been a common practice for an opposition party to have air time alongside the government. This was in response to a request by the Democrats.

Ms Krissana said she would review regulations concerning her request for the board of MCOT Plc to halt its decisions on the restructuring of management and the reshuffles of senior executives of the media company.

he said she had taken careful consideration before issuing the written request on 30 September but she would review the relevant details again.