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Heroine of NHK history drama to visit Taiwan

Thursday 20 Oct 2011
A Japanese actress, Juri Ueno, 24, who currently acts as the heroine in NHK’s popular history drama series, will visit Taipei at the end of this month to hold a press conference, prior to the launch of the drama in Taiwan’s TV network.

Juri Ueno

NHK Enterprises, one of the business arms of NHK, has announced it has concluded a deal with Videoland, Taiwan’s major cable network, to carry the drama series on its Japanese channel.

This is the first time that the heroine of NHK’s high-rating history drama is visiting Taiwan to talk directly to the Taiwanese press and viewers. The press conference is scheduled on 1 November in Taipei.

The title of the drama is ‘Princess Go’. It depicts the vicissitudes of life for three sisters of a noble samurai family who lived in Japan’s turbulent wartime period in the 16th to 17th centuries. The series consists of 46 episodes, each lasting 43 minutes.

The first episode with Chinese subtitles will air on 2 November.

In addition to Taiwan’s TV channel, the Japanese history drama will be broadcast in Korea, Hong Kong, Brunei and Thailand.