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FBC TV to launch next month

Wednesday 26 Oct 2011
After 56 years as a radio broadcaster, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) is preparing to launch its first free-to-air TV channel.

FBC TV to launch next month

“FBC TV will soon launch nationwide, offering free TV for all homes across Fiji. FBC TV has an exciting line-up of programmes from all around the world that will appeal to all members of the family and to all cross sections of the community,” said FBC Chief Executive Officer Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

FBC TV is expected to go on air next month. Its network coverage is expected to reach 90 percent of Fiji’s population.

Today, reported that FBC TV had begun test programmes in the Suva area.

“We will be playing programmes for the people of Suva and the wider Suva area where one will be able to actually see some of the programmes,” he said.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the test programmes would enable viewers to see that the quality of television on offer was better compared to other free-to-air channels in the country.

He said FBC TV’s entry into the market would offer viewers more choice and with the additional competition, the public would have better television programmes to watch.

“Some of the programmes that will be aired have been accessed by the viewers through pay-per-view services and now FBC TV will air it free,” he said. He added that Fiji viewers would tune into the channel with their existing VHF antennae.