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Sports broadcasters to benefit from training in Hanoi

Thursday 03 Nov 2011
ABU Sports members will benefit from training to be held in Hanoi next March, the Sports Group meeting heard today.

Lise Cosimi-Breant

The training is in preparation for the 2012 European Football Championships in Poland and the Ukraine.

Host Broadcast Services (HBS), the production arm of FIFA, has developed a mobile football academy to address the need to build up football coverage, particularly in developing countries.

It comprises a team of experts who conduct training in various aspects of production such as directing, camera work, graphics, robotics and wire cams.

Lise Cosimi-Breant, Head of the HBS Broadcast Academy, told the Sports Group about the use of the Live TV Simulator, a portable professional tool, which is used for on-site training.

“It is being used to raise the standard of live TV direction,” she said.

HBS conducted the first “Football College” in Mauritius in 2010 just before the World Cup in South Africa, and attained great success.

“How can you give value to your coverage, attract audiences and increase revenue?” Ms Cosimi-Breant asked the broadcasters. “It’s through operational training, raising your standards and challenging your vision of the coverage.”

“HBS is an industry leader and ABU Sports Group members are benefitting from its considerable experience,” said John Barton, ABU Director of Sport. “It is important for us to elevate our standards in order to meet viewers’ expectations.”

The biannual Sports Group meeting was held in conjunction with the ABU General Assembly in New Delhi, India.