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KBS marks UN entry anniversary with special broadcast

Monday 07 Nov 2011
To mark the 20th anniversary of Korea’s entry into the United Nations, KBS is broadcasting a special programme to raise funds for those in need in Asia and Africa.

KBS marks UN entry anniversary with special broadcast

From late October until early December, the programme Road for Hope will be aired weekly.

It features Korean celebrities such as singer-actor Lee Byung-Hun in Mali(right) and other countries such as Mozambique and Mongolia and their efforts to raise awareness on issues such as poverty and hunger in developing countries.

Korea is a country which has previously benefited from aid but is today one of the world economic powers. As such, KBS’ objective in broadcasting Road for Hope is to encourage other nations to combat poverty through partnerships instead of donations and aid, it said in a press release.

This year’s Road for Hope is a follow-up to last year’s programme that was broadcast from July to October.