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NHK promoting sustainable energy

Tuesday 08 Nov 2011
Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, has taken the lead in promoting sustainable energy following the 11 March disaster, its Executive Vice-President, Naoji Ono, said today.

Naoji Ono

Speaking during the Special Topic Session at the ABU General Assembly in New Delhi, he said the power shortages caused by the disaster had come as a shock and forced people to re-evaluate their lifestyles.

Before the earthquake and the accident at Fukushima nuclear plant, atomic energy had generated nearly 30 percent of Japan’s electricity. But only 11 of Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors were now in operation.

“Households, businesses, governments and the media all faced a major change. As the public broadcaster, NHK took the lead in covering this paradigm shift,” Mr Ono said.

“Many Japanese lost faith in nuclear energy after 11 March. We’re reflecting on the energy-hungry society we’ve built. NHK has covered this issue extensively.”

The broadcaster’s coverage had included a special, two-part prime time programme titled ‘Rebirth of Japan’, as well as regular power forecasts, he said.

“The interest our viewers have in building a sustainable society is growing.”

Mr Ono was one of seven speakers at the session, which looked at ‘Media Development and Media for Development’.