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TVB donates movies to HK Film Archive

Friday 18 Nov 2011
Hong Kong commercial broadcaster Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) has donated roughly 1,000 movie titles to the Hong Kong Film Archive.

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The collection includes a diverse range of genres, from golden oldies to more recent hits.

TVB’s donation provides a significant contribution to the archive. The collection covers six decades of movies, the oldest dating back to 1939.

It includes nearly 30 Chaozhou and Amoy dialect films, a first for the Hong Kong Film Archive.

Also in the collection is a popular series about Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung, including the first two episodes, both released in 1949.

More than half of the films donated remain in good condition, the archive says. For some of the older items, the restoration process is expected to take a few months.

The Hong Kong Film Archive is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Over the past decade, it has acquired more than 10,000 films for its collection.