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TWR ‘more than doubles’ reach in Asia

Monday 21 Nov 2011
Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR) is now being heard “louder than ever” across Asia after it inaugurated two new transmitters today, BosNewsLife reports.

Trans World Radio (TWR)

TWR President Lauren Libby hosted a live dedication of the network’s two new 250,000-watt shortwave transmitters on the Pacific island of Guam.

The transmitters replace the older 100,000 watt facilities. “We thank God for the privilege of increasing our spiritual footprint in Asia” via the 15.4 megahertz in the 19 meter band, Mr Libby said.

The US$690,000 needed for the transmitters was raised by individual Christians and affiliated Christian networks in the United States, TWR announced. “These upgraded transmitters will more than double our current broadcast power across Asia,” said Mr Libby.

Additionally, TWR can broadcast in both analogue and digital modes. Digital shortwave will enable TWR to reach both rural areas and large cities with a strong near FM quality signal as they are known to reduce fading and interference associated with analog transmissions, TWR explained.

Founded in 1952, TWR broadcasts from 14 countries as well as through local radio stations, cable, satellite, and the Internet, reaching millions of people in 160 nations in over 200 languages and dialects.