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Digitalisation of DD and AIR is a ‘high priority’

Tuesday 29 Nov 2011
India’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni has said that her Ministry has accorded high priority for the digitalisation of Doordarshan and All India Radio, the latter broadcaster reported on its website.

Digitalisation of DD and AIR is a high priority

Mrs Soni added that adequate funds have been allocated to the umbrella organisation Prasar Bharati for that purpose.

The minister also said support is also being provided to Prasar Bharati for improving the software on various Doordarshan and All India Radio channels. She said that Prasar Bharati also plans to expand its Direct-to Home (DTH) platform from the existing 59 channels, to provide better access by people in rural areas.

Mrs Soni said that the e-auctioning of slots on DTH to private channels has resulted in an increase in the internal revenue generation of Prasar Bharati. To date, Prasar Bharati has generated 736.1 million rupees (US$14.16 million) from the auction of 29 slots on Doordarshan’s DTH platform.