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Leading Sri Lankan broadcaster dies

Monday 05 Dec 2011
A prominent Sri Lankan broadcaster, Mano Wikramanayake, has died in Colombo at the age of 62.

Mano Wikramanayake

Mr Wikramanayake is reported to have died while being taken to hospital after collapsing on Saturday.

He was Group Director Electronic Media Business of the Maharaja Group (MTV), which runs three terrestrial television channels, four FM radio stations and three TV production companies.

He was directly responsible for all the group’s media operations. He was also part of the team responsible for strategic planning for the group and a member of all the boards of directors of the group’s companies.

Mr Wikramanayake began his working life as an accountant before moving into the media. He was a board member and former Vice President of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association.

His death came only a few weeks after he took an active part in the ABU’s annual meetings in New Delhi last month, making a number of presentations.