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New network begins transmission in Malaysia

Friday 09 Dec 2011
A news network launched its trial transmission in Malaysia on Dec 1.

Worldview Broadcasting Channel (WBC)

Touting itself as Malaysia’s first free-to-air news and current affairs channel, Worldview Broadcasting Channel (WBC) launched its three-hour daily telecast within the Malaysian capital’s Klang Valley. It plans to increase this to six hours by February towards eventually having 24-hour transmission.

WBC is slated to officially launch in 2012. It plans to reach the rest of Malaysia by April and is also looking to eventually go international.

WBC presents a host of current affairs programmes as well as local and foreign documentaries. Its programming includes business, talk shows and sports.

WBC’s viewers will be able to watch live news reports from around the world, – presented from a Malaysian perspective in Malay, English and Arabic.

The station will also feature programmes on lifestyle, culture, history, science and technology.