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RTHK ‘committed to openness’

Wednesday 14 Dec 2011
Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is committed to providing an open platform for the public, the Director of Broadcasting said.

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)

Roy Tang Yun-kwong made the pledge on Monday after denying claims he intervened in editorial independence with the decision not to renew the contracts of two popular radio phone-in hosts – Robert Chow Yung and Ng Chi-sum – in the new year

Mr Chow has worked for RTHK for 12 years and Mr Ng for seven years – and both are known for their outspoken style.

Today, Hong Kong legislators questioned RTHK management about the terminations. Mr Tang, insisted the termination of the contracts had nothing to do with the performance and personal views of the two hosts. He said the changes were purely aimed at revamping the programmes. He said RTHK would continue to provide an open platform for listeners to express their views on various issues.

During the Legislative Council’s question-and-answer session, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Greg So, said this was an internal matter for the broadcaster.

He said the decision to let the two talk show hosts go was based on “social developments and public demands”.

He said turning the programmes from being hosted by two people to one, would allow new segments to be introduced.

He said the change would give callers more time to express their views.

Mr So insisted the programme format had been in place for a decade and needed a revamp – and the change had nothing to do with the two hosts’ style, performance or views.