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KBS’ broadcast technology institute marks 30th year

Friday 16 Dec 2011
 KBS has commemorated the 30th anniversary of its Broadcast Technology Research Institute (BTRI) with a ceremony and a series of broadcasting seminars.

Broadcast Technology Research
Institute (BTRI)

On 15 November 1981, BTRI was established to respond to the call of developing national broadcasting technology. It has played very important roles whenever the need arose for innovative broadcasting technologies. KBS’ BTRI has been fulfilling the needs of the Seoul Olympics, satellite TV, DTV, DMB, the contemporary N-Screen services and 3DTV. Its involvement indicates the vital role BTRI plays in the broadcast industry of Korea.

Last month, a ceremony commemorating BTRI’s 30th anniversary was held at the broadcaster’s Radio Open Hall. KBS President Dr Kim In-Kyu was present at the event which had showcased BTRI’s latest R&D results.

This was followed by a series of seminars on the future of broadcasting, covering N-Screen, DTV-RF, interactive TV and Hybrid Broadcast (TV + Internet). The last two seminars will be held on 21 and 22 December.

 A press release said that BTRI “will promote continuous growth of KBS’ new media service, lead key technologies and give unstinting support to work-site operations”.