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New Executive Directors for TDM-Macau

Friday 16 Dec 2011
The Macau government has appointed John Lai and Frederico do Rosario as Executive Directors of Teledifusão de Macau (TDM).


They are joining CEO Leong Kam Chun in a newly created three-man Executive Commission.

Mr Lai has been a civil servant since 1985 while Mr do Rosario has been with TDM since its creation in 1984.

“TDM is a television and radio company whose range of activities is not confined to broadcast but also extends to the production of contents and many other areas,” Mr do Rosario said.

“So it is too much work for one manager only. That is why the board of directors decided to create a management team.”

The decision comes at a time when TDM is kicking off a series of new projects. Among them are a new Chinese news channel, which will begin broadcasting in January 2012, and various Internet-based initiatives.