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Pacific broadcasters appeal to governments for help

Wednesday 21 Dec 2011
The Pacific Media Partnership conference today called on governments, international organisations and all stakeholders to empower the broadcasters in the Pacific region when participants adopted a key declaration.

Pacific Media Partnership

The Pacific Media Partnership asked governments in the Pacific countries to consider providing assistance to broadcasters to help them in capacity building and strengthening of their infrastructure and services.

It urged for international organisations to help Pacific broadcasters in implementing effective restoration and upgrades of their facilities as well as capacity building of their staff.

Broadcasters in the Pacific region were asked to actively help in expanding public knowledge and understanding about climate change and its solutions, prioritising the integration of climate change-related messaging and information across radio, television and all new media platforms.

Recognising the need to overcome the digital divide, the Partnership urged the concerned governments and international funding agencies to work together in close coordination through a common secretariat.

The Pacific Media Partnership Conference in Tonga was attended by more than 70 senior executives of broadcasting and media organisations in the Pacific Island countries.

It is part of the three-day event themed “Strengthening Voice of the Pacific” on 19-21 December.

The event was jointly organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development and the Pacific Media Partnership Committee. It was hosted by the Tonga Broadcasting Commission.