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ABU Prizes 2010

ABU Prizes 2010: TV Winners
Category: TV Children
Winner Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) The Three Musketeers (Ep. 20: The Chaotic Ball)
Commended ZDF German Television (ZDF) Dandelion, Carbon Dioxide-A Gas
Category: TV Documentary
Winner Korea Educational Broadcasting Systems (EBS) Cockroach
Commended Channel NewsAsia l MediaCorp Pte Ltd Asia’s Monarchies – Japan (Ep.1)
Category: TV Drama
Winner Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) The Great Queen Seondeok
Commended NAB l Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co. Ltd Mieruhi: Coming Home
Category: TV Entertainment
Winner Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) Qualification of Men – 101 Things To Do Before You Die
Category: TV News
Winner RTPRC l China Central Television (CCTV) Series Reports on Wangjialing Mine Tragedy in Shanxi Province China
Category: TV Sports
Winner Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Miracle Body: Downhill Skiing – Race Against Fear
Commended Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Rivals for Gold
Category: TV Youth
Winner Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Discover Science: Let’s See the Speed of Sound
Category: TV Special Jury Prize
Winner Mongolian Notional Public Radio and Television (MNB) Zud Disaster Followed by Grim Future
Commended Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Dodo’s Lost World


ABU Prizes 2010: Radio Winners
Category: Radio Children and Youth
Winner All India radio (AIR) Come Come Morning Dear
Commended ARD l Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenberg (RBB) Zappelduster Christmas Special
Category: Radio Documentary
Winner Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) The Too Hard Basket
Commended Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Village of Loneliness
Category: Radio Drama
Winner Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Revival
Commended Radio New Zealand (RNZ) The Circus of Errors
Category: Radio External Broadcasts (Theme: Water)
Winner RTPRC l China Radio International (CRI) In the Days of Drough, What Can We Do?
Commended BBC World Service (BBC) Syrdarya – River Journey
Category: Radio Infotainment
Winner Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Women’s Generation: At Cheongju
Commended Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) Women’s Correctional Institution International Children’s Day of Broadcasting
Category: Radio News
Winner RTPRC l China National Radio (CNR) Trace the Reason of Cyberspace Addiction
Category: Radio Special Jury Prize
Winner Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (MNB) The Right Sacrifice
Commended Voice of Vietnam (VOV) Culture Guardians


Other ABU Prizes include:
Technical Awards
ABU Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award 2010
Winner Dr Abdolali Aliaskary
Vice President
Development and Media Technology Division
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, IRIB-Iran
ABU Engineering Industry Excellence Award 2010
Winner Mr Zhang Jianping
Vice President
Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, RTPRC-China
ABU Technical Review Prize 2010
Best Article Award
Winner Dr Kazuyoshi Shogen
NHK-Science & Technology Research Laboratories, NHK-Japan
Dennis Anthony Memorial Award 2010
Winner Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)
For best Asiavision news story of the year – Twin car bombing in Baghdad
Asiavision Annual Awards 2010
CCTV-China for most news flashes
NHK-Japan & MCOT-Thailand for overall quality of contributions
ABU Prize on Climate Change Reporting 2010 (TV)
Winner Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), Hong kong
Program The Pearl Report: Counting Carbon
Award recipient Ms Cecilia Tan
ABU Prizes on HIV/AIDS TV Programme 2010
Winner Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS)
Program The Condom Man
Award recipient Ms Pema Choden
ABU-CASBAA-UNICEF Child Rights Awards
Winner Smile Foundation, India
Program Let Us Touch The Sky (Choone Do Aasman)
Award recipient Mr Santanu Kumar Mishra / Mr Swatantra Gupta
Award Presenter UNICEF