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Affiliate Membership

One of the key objectives of the ABU is to undertake initiatives to assist in the development of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region. If your organisation is involved in the broadcasting industry, but is not a broadcaster or a national association of broadcasters, you can still have an involvement with the ABU and play an important role in the development of broadcasting in the region – by becoming an Affiliate member.

A proportion of the annual Affiliate subscription fee is utilised to undertake technical and programming advisory services and training workshops in the developing countries of our region. This work is an important activity that helps to close the knowledge and skills gaps between countries in the Asia-Pacific, and contributes towards an improvement in the region’s technical, production and presentation standards. Thus organisations that are supporting this work through their Affiliate membership the ABU can rightly claim to be making an important contribution to the development of broadcasting in the region.

Networking opportunities

Supporting our missions to developing countries is a good enough reason to become an Affiliate member, but many Affiliate members want to have a more active association with the ABU. Many take advantage of their invitations to attend our annual meetings as observers, to network with key decision makers from broadcasting organisations, governments and regulators from across the region.

The Asia-Pacific region is one area of the world where the establishment of personal relationships is important – and virtually a pre-requisite in some countries – to the successful conclusion of any form of business. As the leading industry association for broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific, the ABU provides valuable opportunities for the fostering of professional relationships.

Tangible benefits

There are many other tangible benefits of being an Affiliate member. The ABU publishes reports and provides access to information that is unavailable from other sources, and Affiliate members can participate in activities such as programme exchange projects, engineering studies and ABU Prize contests.

The ABU undertakes considerable international representation activity in relation to spectrum management for both terrestrial and satellite based transmission services. Many equipment vendors, satellite operators and government regulators find it useful to be an Affiliate member to keep up-to-date with this activity and to have input where necessary. ABU Affiliate members will receive invitations to the bi-annual WBU-ISOG meetings.

The ABU is actively involved in copyright education and enforcement. It is currently campaigning with other broadcasting unions for broadcasters to have their own, updated international treaty to protect their intellectual property rights. Many Affiliate members have a professional interest in these issues.

The ABU Vision

Since 1964, the ABU has been the pre-eminent forum for the promotion of the individual and collective interests of broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific. Its vision is to use broadcasting to improve the quality of life in the region.

The ABU believes that broadcasters can make a major contribution to the achievement of societal stability by promoting regional and international mutual understanding by means of the exchange of information through the medium of broadcasting.

To achieve these objectives, the ABU undertakes projects to encourage international cooperation and understanding between broadcasters, and to improve the programmes, skills and technologies of its members. It encourages harmonisation of operating and technical standards and systems in the region, and assists members to take advantage of new broadcasting opportunities.

Membership fees

By supporting the ABU through your Affiliate membership status, your organisation can make an important contribution towards the achievement of the ABU vision.

The annual subscription paid by Affiliate members is dependent on your organisation’s revenue. For organisations whose annual revenue is below US$10 million a year, the annual fee is US$1,000. For organisations whose annual revenue is between US$10 million and US$50 million a year, the annual fee is US$3,000. For organisations whose annual revenue is above US$50 million a year, the annual fee is US$5,000.

How to become an Affiliate member

Simply download the application form and fax to us at + 60 3 2282 5292 or mail to the Secretary-General at P.O. Box 12287, 50772 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Upon acceptance of your application, your organisation will be invoiced for the first 12 months subscription, and your membership will become effective from the date of receipt of your first subscription payment. In the second year of your membership you will be invoiced a pro-rata amount that takes your membership up to the end of that current financial year (30 June). From the third year onwards your subscription will be payable each financial year (1 July – 30 June). Upon receipt of your first year’s subscription, your organisation will receive three hard copies of the ABU Members’ Directory, which contains contact details for all ABU members, and a user name and password for access to the ‘Members Only’ resource sections of the ABU website. If you would like more information about the ABU before applying for Affiliate membership, please send an email to  and we will send you an information pack about the ABU.