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A Message From the ABU Secretary-General on World AIDS Day

1 December 2011

In the last 30 years the HIV and AIDS epidemic has caused more human misery and has had more devastating consequences than any other epidemic in history. HIV and AIDS have not only challenged response mechanisms across the world, they have also thrown the fault lines of our societies into sharp relief.

AIDS is now treatable, and being infected with HIV no longer means certain death. However, the fear and stigma attached to HIV and AIDS, and the resultant discrimination against those living with HIV continue to blight millions of lives.

In the Asia-Pacific region, people are being infected slower than before, but the majority of those who need treatment are still not receiving it. The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) is committed to make this understood better and is working with broadcasting partners to save lives across the region by investigating and addressing significant knowledge gaps, facilitating basic prevention information that is essential for reduced stigma and may help those affected to access treatment.

The response of member broadcasters has been encouraging during the past year and we call for greater cooperation to step up the response to HIV prevention.

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union’s efforts will continue to focus on building capacity among broadcasters to create high quality programming that will spread awareness, promote prevention, address rights issues, and reduce stigma and discrimination.

Javad Mottaghi, Ph.D.
Secretary – General
Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union