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Positions Vacant

The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), a regional intergovernmental organisation hosted by the Malaysian government, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates who are from its member countries for the position of DIRECTOR, AIBD.

  • Duty Station: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Duration of Appointment: For an initial period of three years, further extendable on the basis of need and performance.
  • Age Limit: The retirement age at AIBD is 65 years.
As the chief executive officer of AIBD, the Director shall be responsible to the General Conference:
  1. For the control, direction and management of the affairs of the Institute.
  2. For the preparation of the Institute’s draft work programme and budget, and its execution and management.
  3. For organising the Executive Board meetings, and the annual meetings of the General Conference together with all necessary reports and documentation.
  4. To do strategic planning for institutional development as well as for the development of regional broadcasting in general, and policy formulation in particular.
  5. To maintain good relations between the Institute and its member countries, funding agencies and other international organisations.
  6. To undertake regular missions involving extensive overseas travel.
  7. To implement the action plan/s emerged from the AIBD Strategic Plan and its vision, missions and objectives.
  8. To implement the projects of the Institute related to capacity building and other aspects of AIBD’s international commitments.

Qualifications and experience required:

  1. Educational Degree/s and Qualifications
  2. High – Level working experience in broadcasting
  3. Leadership and managerial skills in broadcasting
  4. Creating Vision and Strategic Initiatives
  5. Human Resource Development background
  6. Knowledge of broadcasting in the region
  7. Ability to create Networking, Partnership, Negotiation and Fund Raising
  8. Intercultural and Interpersonal skills in dealing with differing cultures, regions and organisations involved with the Institute.
  9. Financial Management
  10. Good Communication  skills
  11. Good presentation skills
  12. Managerial skills in non-media organisations
  13. Experience in IT applications in media
  14. Knowledge of up to date developments affecting the international media environment
  15. Participation in international meetings and seminars and communication skills
  16. Proficiency in English and other languages (both written and spoken)

The following will be an added advantage:

  1. Experience in international aid schemes and their modus operandi.
  2. Experience in research oriented activities related to broadcasting.
  3. Experience in developing and monitoring human resource development projects for broadcasting.

Procedures required for Application:

Applications must reach the AIBD no later than 15th DECEMBER, 2018

Please address the application to:
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD)
P O Box 12066
50766 Kuala Lumpur

The envelope containing the application must bear the inscription:


You may also send your application by e-mail to and endorse a copy thereof to the GC President, AIBD on

Please note:
Applications arriving after the closing date will not be accepted. Applications will be treated in utmost confidence and must include the following:-

  1. Personal history including qualifications and experience for the post of Director. This has to be in conformity with the requirements stipulated on pages 1 and 2.
  2. A brief statement, of not less than 300 words, prepared by the applicant giving the reasons for applying for the post.
  3. The number of dependants and details of dependents who will reside in Kuala Lumpur, if the applicant is appointed.
  4. A passport size photograph taken within six months of the date of application and signed on the reverse as “Photograph of ……” with the date.
  5. “Certified True Copy” of Birth Certificate.
  6. You are also requested to nominate 4 referees from among the following individuals and provide us with their names and contact details:
    • One of your superiors to whom you report to;
    • One or two individuals who know you well;
    • One of your staff who worked under your supervision.

Letters of recommendation, if any, may be included with the application or sent separately by the recommender directly to the address given above.

Please note: Short-listed candidates will be notified and interviewed at an appropriate time and location.