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SLBC marks its 45th anniversary

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) marked its 45th anniversary today.

On 16 December 1925, the then British Governor Sir Hugh Clifford inaugurated the broadcasting service in Sri Lanka. It was officially launched as Radio Ceylon in 1949. On 5 January 1967, it became a state corporation and was renamed Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation. Subsequently, it was renamed Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation after Ceylon became the Republic of Sri Lanka.

Nevil D.Jayaweera was SLBC’s first chairman and Director General.

Today, SLBC is the island nation’s leading media organisation and its Sinhala, Tamil and English broadcasts reach the entire island. Its Kothmale, Dambana Radio and Uva community radio stations serve the inhabitants of the remote areas of the island.

SLBC also has regional services covering Asia, in the Hindi, Malayalam and Telegu languages.