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Bangladesh launches first HD radio station

Bangladesh’s first commercial HD Radio FM station went on the air on 1 January, according to a press release.

On 1 January, Dhaka FM powered up a new FM transmitter and began broadcasting on 90.4 MHz, ringing in the new year as the first FM station to broadcast in HD in Bangladesh.

The event marks the first commercial HD Radio station in Bangladesh as part of the country’s phase II of FM commercialisation authorising new FM broadcast licences. Present for the inaugural event were dignitaries from the information and telecommunications branches of the Bangladesh government.

“Just a few years ago, we started out as the first live Bangladesh station on the Internet. Today, we have been able to make these huge achievements with the help of our loyal listeners and our partnerships with local officials as well as companies like Broadcast Electronics and Onair Solutions,” said M.A. Hakim, Chief Operating Officer of Dhaka FM Ltd.

“Dhaka FM is an excellent example of the accessibility and versatility of radio today, whether we’re talking the Internet, on the air, or over digital broadcast. We are proud to be associated with such a progressive station as Dhaka FM,” commented Frank Massa, Asia-Pacific Sales Manager with Broadcast Electronics.