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FG-ABU Workshop

Workshop on Broadcasting Technologies for ASEAN Region


The Workshop on Broadcasting Technologies for ASEAN Region, jointly organized by the ABU and Forever Group of Myanmar, was held from 12-13 Dec in Yangon, Myanmar. The objective of the workshop was to expose the participants in the ASEAN countries to modern technologies employed in radio and TV broadcasting.

Key players from the broadcast industry were among the resource persons, presenting the relevant broadcasting technologies, their implementation methods and current status and technology updates. Among the areas addressed included digital broadcasting standards,  advanced digital broadcasting systems, development of roadmap for digital broadcasting implementation, developing national roadmaps towards digitalisation, modern and high efficiency transmitter technologies, infrastructure development and planning, digital radio features and enhancements, file-based production systems, media asset management and archiving, and strategies in delivering free-to-air and pay-TV services over digital networks.
This was the very first broadcasting technology workshop in Myanmar and was attended by around 100 senior engineers and executives from Myanmar and the region.

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