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ABU President launches new website

The President of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Dr Kim In-Kyu, has officially launched the union’s new website during a visit to the ABU Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dr Kim, who is also President and Chief Executive Officer of the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), said he was delighted to “throw the switch” opening up a range of new media options for the ABU members. “I am convinced the new ABU website will provide the best and most accurate information and will introduce and promote the diverse culture of our members’ countries”- Dr Kim added.

The ABU Secretary-General, Dr Javad Mottaghi, pointed out that the development of the new website had been a long-term project, which will facilitate more interaction with members and between members. He explained:  “Our emphasis has been on a more compelling design, while at the same time delivering online initiatives that members can use in their own working environments on a daily basis”.

Introducing a more interactive website is in line with the strategic transformation of the ABU to become a forward looking, member and service oriented professional organization.  It will facilitate a wide range of new services like a big scale on-line training, co-production, content exchange and news archive and will make it easier for members to play an active role in the activities of the Union.

During his visit to the ABU headquarters Dr Kim was briefed by the Secretary-General and the Directors of the Programme, Technology, News and Sports Departments on key new initiatives of the Union to be introduced in the next few years. They include the ABU Radio and TV Song contests to be launched during the 49th ABU General Assembly to be hosted by the KBS in Seoul, Korea, in October this year.

The ABU President also had a meeting with the staff of the Secretariat. He thanked everybody for their hard work and support for the fundamental changes in the work of the Union and added: “ I am convinced that 2012 will be a turning point for the ABU and it will leap forward to enhance its reputation and standing and become a leading player in the world broadcasting industry”. Dr. Kim pledged the KBS support to bridge the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region and increase the ABU capacity building powers to serve its members.