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Upgraded services for TVNZ and SBS

Pacific Television Center (PacTV), a Los Angeles-based independent global transmission and production company, has recently completed major service upgrades for TV New Zealand (TVNZ) and special Broadcasting Service Australia (SBS), according to a press release.

The enhanced service capabilities allow for increased international content to be delivered and disseminated through PacTV’s extensive, global fiber network.

The President of Pacific Television Centre Richard Neri said, PacTV fiber network enables broadcasters from around the world to instantly share content in a cost-effective manner.

He said as the aggregation capabilities continue to grow, PacTV making it easier for the clients to access global content eloquently.

TVNZ upgraded its service from a shared line to a dedicated HD-capable line. While the network currently transports SD programming at 8Mb, the infrastructure is now in place to migrate over to HD in the future.

SBS, Australia’s multicultural and multilingual broadcaster upgraded its service with PacTV to now include an HD 40-Mbps circuit from London to Los Angeles to Sydney. Local insertion at both PacTV London and Los Angeles is encoded.