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ITU receives Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)  received the prestigious Emmy Award from the US National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the “Standardization of Loudness Metering for Use in Broadcast Audio”.

The annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Award recognizes the groundbreaking work on the worldwide standardization of loudness metering for use in broadcast audio, which the Academy considered as outstanding and showing excellence in engineering creativity.

The ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770 on “Algorithms to measure audio programme loudness and true-peak audio level” was developed over a decade. It is a product of the commitment and work of many organizations around the world including Dolby Laboratories, USA, Communications Research Centre, Canada and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The pertinent algorithm and the agreed parameters are now contained in the ITU-R Recommendation approved by ITU Member States, giving worldwide guidance on loudness metering.

(Source: ITU)