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India officially complains of BBC Top Gear Programme

The High Commission of India in London has complained in connection with an episode of the popular auto show, Top Gear. It says the 28 December India special was offensive and full of inappropriate humour.

The HCI has written to the BBC after it was contacted by many people who were upset by the programme.

The BBC, which received 188 complaints about the show, said it would respond directly to the HCI in due course. In a letter published by the Daily Telegraph, the HCI criticized a lack of cultural sensitivity and called on the BBC to take action to pacify those offended.

One Indian diplomat was quoted by the BBC as saying “People are very upset because you cannot run down a whole society, history, culture and sensitivities.”

The diplomat criticized a scene in the programme which showed presenter Jeremy Clarkson taking off his trousers at a party to demonstrate how to use a trouser press.

Showing off the customized Jaguar, complete with toilet roll on its aerial, Mr Clarkson said on the programme: “This is perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots.”