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Thai journalist shot dead

Gunmen have shot dead a Thai journalist, local newspaper owner and political activist. The attack happened on the on the island of Phuket, popular with foreign tourists. A police spokesman, Chote Chidchai, said the victim was shot while driving his car. Gunmen on a motorcycle cut in front of the vehicle and shot him. Another person in the car was unharmed.

The police said the motives for the attack were unknown. Local media and the police identified the victim as the owner of a small local newspaper called “Inside Phuket”, and he was named by Thai media as 40-year-old Wisut Tangwitthayaporn.

Thai media also said his newspaper had reported alleged cases of corruption related to the land department in Phuket, and that he was well-known on the island as a member of Thailand’s “Red Shirt” political protest movement.