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ABU Launches Radio Song Festival

The ABU is launching a new and exciting initiative – the ABU Radio Song Festival. The first edition of the Festival will be hosted by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and will take place at the ABU General Assembly in October 2012.

The ABU Radio Song Festival aims to showcase and recognize the diverse, undiscovered musical talent of nations within Asia and the Pacific regions. The Festival is to foster understanding, awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity that exists across the region. The ABU Radio Song Festival will introduce unsigned local artists to an international audience and would celebrate the musical and artistic diversity of the Asia-Pacific region.

The ABU encourages its radio members to participate in the ABU Radio Song Festival by selecting and sending to the ABU “Bank of Songs” some of the best music and songs of fresh young singers. The objective of the activity is to discover, encourage, introduce and promote new song compositions by unknown and upcoming artists among ABU member countries, provide an international gateway for the winning artists and to promote greater collaboration and partnership among ABU radio broadcasters.