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Saran Media brings 3D sports technology to Turkish TV

Turkish broadcasters will be now having local access to 3D sports programming following the acquisition of SterGen’s 3D conversion platform by Istanbul-based sports broadcast and entertainment distributor Saran Media, reports.

The SterGen software converts real time camera feeds and footage into true stereoscopic 3D at the fraction of the cost of conventional 3D productions.

It will be used by Saran Media for both live sports and to add 3D visualisation to pre-recorded footage.

In addition, the Turkish distributor plans to produce 3D content with a dedicated 3D depth effect for optimised display on glasses-free 3D mobile phones and tablets.

The head of sports of Saran Media, Mr.Selim Usta said “Stereo 3DTV greatly enhances the viewing experience; especially for live sports telecasts and we’re extremely pleased to be able to leverage SterGen’s powerful technology to provide high profile 3DTV sports to broadcasters and other carriers in Turkey.”