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Deutsche Welle unveils new branding

The German international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) has undergone a complete make-over with new TV programming, a new website and a new corporate design, reports.

The Director General, Erik Bettermann said the changes are “a milestone for representing Germany better around the world.”

On February 6, 2012, DW will expand its Spanish television program for Latin America from two to 20 hours daily. The 24-hour schedule is completed with fours of German programming.

According to Mr.Bettermann, this is all part of the reform process for Germany’s international broadcaster.

DW has tailored its TV line-ups for other regions as well. The basis will be a new channel with 24 hours of English programming and will broadcast in North America, Africa, Asia and Australia. That will be expanded worldwide with regional channels focusing on other languages.

DW will also be launching its completely redesigned website on February 6. The multilingual, multimedia online portal will be available at