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Middle East newspaper ventures into TV entertainment with cutting edge graphic tools

Vizrt Ltd., a leading provider of content production tools for the digital media industry, announced that the company has signed a deal worth about USD 380,000 for the implementation of Broadcast Graphics products with a newspaper in the Middle East.

Vizrt’s customer is building an entertainment channel that will be launched in July 2012. To accomplish this short timeline to launch, Vizrt is providing a ‘starter graphics package’ that is suitable for a news-based programming and can be easily modified with the station’s custom branding.

The deal includes Viz Artist for dynamic 3D graphic design. Pre-Production and live content will use Viz Trio as the character generator (CG). Viz Engine will handle the channel’s real time HD content. A Newsroom integration system is planned for a later date.

With the customer’s satellite channel scheduled to go live in 5 months, it was decided to build a graphics facility that could meet the demanding timeline and provide the best quality. To this end, the broadcaster decided on an end to end Vizrt solution as this could provide the best combination of top end graphics, real time capabilities, workflow efficiency and channel branding.