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Increase in subscribers for the digital version of The Times

The number of people subscribing to the digital version of The Times newspaper rose by 7.5% between September and January reaching 120,000, the British newspaper Guardian reported.

There was also a 35% hike in the number of people reading the paper on iPads over the four-month period, with an average of 60,000 a day downloading the paper in January, according to figures from publisher News International.

The Times’s News International stable mate, the Sunday Times, has seen even higher growth, with an 80% increase in iPad usage between September and January, with the average number of daily downloads now at 64,000. 

The Times started charging for its online content 19 months ago in a high-risk strategy that divided industry opinion.

Figures released on Wednesday show its subscriber numbers grew every month since September when it had just over 111,000 subscribers.