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Mmbi to launch Japan’s first smartphone-only TV channel

Broadcaster Mmbi, a subsidiary of mobile phone giant Docomo, is to launch Japan’s first smartphone-only TV channels.

The Mainichi Daily News reports that the channel, called NOTTV, will be launched on 1 April and will have much higher video and audio resolution than the current system for mobile devices.

Smartphone users will also be able to stream NOTTV programmes on demand after their initial broadcast. The subscription fee is 420 yen a month.

While a number of TV stations can already be viewed on smartphones and tablet computers, NOTTV will be Japan’s first channel aimed exclusively at smartphones.

Mmbi has partnered with other channels including TBS to provide newscasts, sports, concerts, and Japanese and overseas TV series, in addition to original Mmbi content.

NOTTV will be available first on Docomo’s new Android-powered Aquos Phone SH-06D and Medias Tab N-06D tablet, set for release in March and April, respectively.