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K-Doc 2012 opening a new chapter for Korean documentaries

The KBS announced its production plans for this year in the field of documentaries. K-Doc 2012, short for KBS documentaries, is a project building up on the highly successful documentaries produced last year – Amur and Congo.

In the last decade the KBS has become a leading documentary maker, setting a trend in the direction of TV documentary making with ground breaking creativity. This year KBS plans to produce four major documentaries as a part of K-Doc 2012.

Memories in the Map takes viewers on a journey  through history and continents to explore highlights of art, culture and science of the world. The series are shot in 5D Mark 2 and the first episode is scheduled to be aired on 3rd March.

Icarus’s Dream, which is scheduled for broadcast in May, records the first ever attempt to fly over Himalaya Mountains by paragliding. The documentary follows the paragliders crossing the mountains from the west of Pakistan to the east of India and captures the breathtaking sceneries of the Himalayas.

Super Fish, to be broadcast in the second half of the year, looks at the relationship that humans and fish have in an attempt to illustrate certain aspect of our cultural history. It is a documentary that is beating with the aquatic energy.

Homo Academicus takes an unusual and refreshing look at the relationship between academic studies and career success. Do we have to study to succeed? Since when have studying become so important in our life? What is the meaning of studying in different parts of the world? This documentary highlights various notions of studying through interviews with Korean, Jewish, Chinese and American students pursuing their academic goals in Harvard University. The series will be broadcast in November.