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New Prasar Bharati CEO lists priorities

Improving presentation qualities of Doordarshan (state TV) and All India Radio (state Radio) and filling up of key vacancies in both organizations are the top priorities of the new Prasar Bharati CEO Mr. Jawhar Sircar in a press-conference in New Delhi.

Mr. Jawhar Sircar, who assumed the office on Wednesday, was previously Secretary, Ministry of Culture, before joining the Prasar Bharati.

In his remarks Mr. Sircar hailed the news content and reach of Doordarshan and Al India Radio as “remarkable”. However, the new CEO pointed out,  the presentation standards of the state TV and Radio channels were not up to the mark. “Presentation is an area where we need to give attention ….,” he said, adding, “We are high on content and could improve upon presentation of content.” Sircar said he needed time to understand why presentation was not up to competitive standards.