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KBS Media President visits ABU

The President of KBS Media, Mr. Cho Dae-Hyun, formerly the vice-president of KBS, met with Directors of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union in Kuala Lumpur to discuss current and future projects.

Mr. Cho’s delegation was briefed on events covering sport, programmes, news and technical matters. 

The Director of the ABU’s Technical Department, Sharad Sadhu described the forthcoming Digital Broadcast Symposium (DBS), which had become a major event in the Asian broadcast calendar.

Mr. Sadhu said that nearly 400 people had registered from throughout Asia, the Pacific and Europe for the DBS that would feature more than 70 leading speakers, and 60 booths.

The delegation was also given current information on two major initiatives in the area of Programming: two song festivals for both radio and television.

The Director of Programmes, Mr. Takeshi Doki, said he expected strong support from sponsors and broadcasters for the two festivals, one of which would be held in the KBS concert hall in Seoul.

Mr. Cho was also keen to know about sports acquisitions and new events. The Director of Sport, John Barton, said the ABU had a large inventory of events which it was supplying to members. They included the Olympic Games, European Football Championships, Fifa Club World Cup and others.

Mr. Cho concluded his visit with a tour of the headquarters and brief discussions with other staff members.