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Malaysia introduces its first 3D animated movie

“Seefood”, the Silver Ant company latest production is Malaysia’s first 3D animated movie in English. Its animation director Goh Aun Hee introduced the movie to Malaysian public after seeing great reception overseas. 

With a portfolio boasting a series of record-breaking screenings to over 90 countries, Silver Ant Sdn. Bhd’s latest venture saw them in collaboration with Al-Jazeera Children’s Channel in the production of “Seefood”.

Goh explained that the production team took a long time to design characters that were suitable for the theme of the movie.

“When we design a character for the international market, we need to made characters with a reason and purpose in order to create empathy among audiences,” said Goh.

As a result, “Seefood” is a fun-filled adventure that tells the story of a bunch of sea creatures, which includes a bamboo shark named Pup and a whitetip shark named Julius, Mertle the turtle and Octo the inventor, who band together to fight the cruel humans in an attempt to protect the lives of all the sea animals.

Despite not opening in Malaysia, the movie has managed to bring a good impression for the country as the producers have retained a 100% local flavour for it by using the voice talents of Malaysian artists Gavin Yap and Diong Chae Lan for the two leads, Pup and Julius.