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Radio Australia launches new multilingual web and social media services

Radio Australia – the international broadcasting service of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) – has launched new multilingual web and social media services.  Targeting audiences in Asia and the Pacific, the new digital services bring greater immediacy in coverage of breaking news, major stories, activities and events as they happen in and around Asia and the Pacific including Australia.

New multilingual websites featuring Burmese, French, Indonesian, Khmer, Mandarin, Tok Pisin and Vietnamese will be accompanied by three English language websites, tailored for Asian, Pacific and the wider international audiences.  As well as continuing to offer high quality news and current affairs radio programs in multiple languages, Radio Australia’s new web services encourage the sharing, participation and collaboration of stories of interest and relevance among audiences in Asia and the Pacific.  English language learning content is also available in five languages.

Visitors to Radio Australia’s new sites will experience more tailored and relevant content thanks to the latest technology that allows location detection enabling content to be delivered to and tailored for audiences on the basis of location and language.

“Socially, politically, and economically, Australia continues to more closely embrace the people, nations and cultures of Asia and the Pacific.  Our neighbours in this region are growing in wealth, education and confidence and we are interested in what matters to them, what they are doing and what they have to say.  In addition to that, our neighbours are curious about us, as Australians, who we are and what we do, how we live our lives and why we think and perceive issues the way we do.  Our new web and social media services provide the opportunity for thoughts, attitudes and opinions to be shared and exchanged,” said Dr Mike McCluskey, CEO of Radio Australia.

Radio Australia’s new website is located at and for Australian audiences Radio Australia’s multilingual audio streams can be accessed through the ABC’s mobile apps at: