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Competition to boost pay TV in Middle East and North Africa

The social and political turmoil that has rocked the Middle East and North Africa region has resulted in liberalization measures that will open up the pay TV sector in the region, according to consultancy Digital TV Research.

Digital TV penetration for the 16 countries covered in the Digital TV Middle East & North Africa report is already approaching 70% of television households.

Report author Simon Murray said: “Digital TV Research forecasts that digital penetration will reach 85% of TV households by 2017. Ten countries will achieve

100% penetration [and Israel will be the first to reach it – this year] by 2017.

Penetration in Egypt, the largest Arab-speaking market, will be low at 58%.

However, Egypt will boast 11.98 million digital TV homes by 2017; putting it into second place, behind Turkey [18.89 million].”