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Azerbaijan to ban foreign language TV in May

A ban on the broadcast of foreign language television programmes imposed by Azerbaijan’s National Television and Radio Council (NTRC) will come into force on 1 May.

According to, foreign movies will be exempt from the ban.

The council’s chairman Nushiravan Maharramli told the Azerbaijani Press Agency (APA), dubbing must become a greater focus for TV channels.

“We have not banned foreign feature films. For example, Chalikushu (The Wren), produced in Turkey and Seventeen Moments of Spring are feature films. The ban is not applied to them. Of course, TV channels can dub feature films and show them. But TV channels must approach dubbing more attentively and increase its quality,” said Mr Maharramli.

He added that from 1 May, the showing of foreign television shows, including popular Turkish TV series, will be stopped in the country.

“This issue has been discussed for more than a year. The TV channels should have been ready for it. TV channels bear responsibility before the society. One of these responsibilities is to provide the Azerbaijani audience with the films made in Azerbaijan. They should not restrict their activity to showing foreign films,” said Maharramli.