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NABA Appoints New Director General

Today the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) President, Robert Briskman announced the appointment of Michael McEwen as its Director General.

Over the past six years McEwen has been a Director of NABA and since 2010 the Chairman of the UK based Media Asset Capital, a consultancy for the industry. McEwen welcomed “the opportunity and privilege to again work with NABA members in developing broadcast leadership on the major industry questions which members are dealing with both in North America and around the world.”

Briskman noted McEwen’s broadcast experience including a distinguished career with CBC/Radio-Canada both in production and in the executive offices, a long association with NABA as a past Director, President and Secretary General and an innovator in implementing new technologies such as the introduction of Digital HD Television in Canada. “Michael brings to NABA a depth of broadcast experience and understanding of the industry at a time our members are challenged by change in our markets, services, technologies and regulations. We look to him to use that experience and consensus making skills to help our members come to unified positions on the issues of the day and to take actions beneficial to our industry.”

McEwen will begin his duties later this month.