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CCTV launches first 3D channel

China’s state broadcaster CCTV has teamed up with Ericsson to power the first 3D channel for Chinese viewers which could reach a potential audience of more than 113 million homes.

China Central Television has selected an advanced compression solution from Ericsson to deliver premium content in 3D to its viewers across China for the first time, enabling them to experience sports and live events like never before.

“The Chinese TV market is the largest in the world, and the appetite among the public for more enhanced experiences continually drives us to innovate and meet consumer demand. This year is a massive year for sport and the backing for Chinese competitors is always huge, so we are proud to be the first to enable viewers across China to watch events unfold in 3D, helping them feel closer than ever to the action,” said Mr. Zhang Baoan, director of Broadcasting and Transmission Center, CCTV.

“We have worked with the Ericsson team for many years and are therefore aware of the strength of its solutions, in providing exactly what is required to deliver the next generation of viewing experience to Chinese consumers,” he concluded.