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Worldwide TV daily viewing rises 20 minutes in ten years

In 2011, the average worldwide daily viewing time reached three hours and 16 minutes per person per day, an increase of six minutes compared to 2011, but of 20 minutes over ten years.

Rapidtvnews reports, this rise was more significant in Asia and especially China, where the registered growth reached 12 minutes over one year. Similar increases were also reported in several European countries, with an increase of 15 minutes in France, seven minutes in Italy and five minutes in Spain.

Médiamétrie’s Eurodata TV’s annual survey has found that television is scoring well worldwide. The 19th annual One Television Year in the World report, that covers nearly 100 territories, points out that “television has imposed itself as the leading media in terms of live content and exclusivity”. With more channels and more choice available, viewers are spending more time in front of TV. At the same time, households are better equipped with TV sets and other devices.